Selecting Soundproofing and Acoustical Supplier

Since many people in the market for soundproofing and acoustical products are in need of a one-time solution to a noise problem, most are unfamiliar with the industry and consequently unaware of what qualities to seek in an acoustical supplier. Having no prior knowledge about soundproofing is a nonissue when you deal with an experienced, trustworthy supplier, but without knowing what to look for, you may unsuspectingly fall prey to a one-size-fits-all mass merchandiser more than willing to sell you some products that will not solve your problem.

By selecting a soundproofing supplier with the knowledge and experience to guide you on the implementation of an effective, comprehensive soundproofing treatment tailored for your application, you will save money and obtain long term satisfaction from your sensible investment. Below are some considerations designed to assist in your quest for a soundproofing supplier:

-How long the company has been in operation. Stability and longevity do not happen by chance in the business world. A company which has endured since before the internet boom (and subsequent bust) of the 1990s has proven that it has far more to offer than an appealing homepage and a marketing budget. Selecting a company which has demonstrated staying power in the soundproofing industry is a good way to eliminate the risk of unwittingly being sold an ineffective, subpar treatment. Younger suppliers often emerge in the form of internet entrepreneurs, which specialize in presenting an attractive storefront to bring in bucks and not the science of sound reduction.

-Variety of products offered. If a supplier offers a narrow product selection or products of only one type, such as foam, the results you can achieve with the products will also be limited. Selecting a supplier that offers a wide variety of wall coverings, bass traps, diffusion panels, sound blankets, cloth panels, ceiling tiles and more is recommended to ensure that a solution suitable for your unique application will be reached.

-Sponsored listings on search engines. While the internet gives us unprecedented access to companies providing the goods and services we are seeking, it also Acoustic Screens presents a problem common across many industries: most anyone can run a website propped on the crutch of paid search engines clicks. Sites which appear in the top listings of a search engine for a given search query are simply bidding to pay the highest price for your click, and consequently, passing those premium marketing costs on to consumers like you. Do not make the common mistake of equating “top” with “best” when it comes to sponsored search listings. There is nothing necessarily wrong with using paid search engine listings to locate a potential soundproofing supplier, as long as you consider the quality of the company independently from its position in the listings.

-Approach of the website. If the home page of a potential supplier contains a shopping cart style grid of products, take the hint that the company is more interested in high volume sales than providing effective, customized soundproofing solutions. Seek a company with a website which presents you with possible product combinations based on your particular application and the results you want to achieve.

-Background of your sales representative. Be wary if a sales representative is unable to answer all of your questions in a knowledgeable way. Chances are, if the sales rep is unfamiliar with the products and industry, he or she will also be unable to offer a soundproofing treatment that will solve your problem.