Miami And The Florida Keys – Reflections

The earliest known inhabitants of what is presently Miami were the “Tequesta” Indians. Little is known about the Tequesta Indians other than they lived along the banks of the Miami Stream quite a while back. In all honesty there was a little normal quick a couple of miles upriver from where it exhausted into Biscayne Cove. The Tequesta Indians chased and fished along the banks of the Waterway. In the sixteenth and again in the eighteenth century the Spanish laid out a couple of little missions along the banks of the Miami Waterway. Spain initially had the region currently called “Florida”, however surrendered Florida and obviously Miami to the English in later years. The main American Pilgrims started showing up in Miami Florida at some point in the ahead of schedule to mid nineteenth hundred years and got comfortable and around the Stream. Agribusiness as well as fishing was one of a handful of the financial backbones of the area. The Stream’s water source was the Everglades and it was accepted that the wetland could be depleted by eliminating the rapids. In this manner giving extra cultivatable land to the fresh debuts to settle and create as homesteads. I’m extremely certain that land deals and potential benefits were a persuasive element too. Land in Miami has been an inspiration from the very start to introduce. No matter what the reason(s) a choice to eliminate falls by dynamiting was made and executed in mid to late 1800s. Other than during those long stretches of the Seminole Indian conflicts the populace consistently expanded as did the land business.

Before all else Dade Province was an enormous track of land that reached out from the southern tip of Lake Okeechobee (Stronghold Worth Florida) south to Key West Florida. Indian Key was the seat of Dade Region until at some point between the years 1860 and 1870. Preceding these years inhabitants of the Florida Keys, other than those at Indian Key were considered occupants of Dade Area.


Some time ago there was a little fishing town situated in Dade Province, towards the southeastern tip of Florida. The name of this town was Miami. Many individuals living in Miami at that point, articulated the name “Miama”.

I offer these recognitions’ as one brought into the world in the Biltmore Lodging; a land mark inn in Coral Peaks Florida, a town situated in Miami-Dade Province and a veteran’s organization medical clinic during the long periods of WW II. On the off chance that my accounts and memories appear to be to some degree disconnected to the peruser I ask pardoning. They are all or possibly generally recorded from recollections. My main justification for endeavoring to compose this article at everything is to confer a couple of my impressions/reflections to an intrigued peruser in regards to the origination of, improvement of, transformation of and change that has happened to the area that is today Miami-Dade District and the Florida Keys. I will probably offer the peruser a correlation of sorts to the region referenced, the occupants, their lifestyle contrasted with then and in like manner now. I have no goal of spreading of chiding a specific gathering however too basically record current realities as I accept recall them to be. I will pass on it to the circumspection of the peruser which Miami, Florida Keys he/she likes to relate. The then form 1945 to 1970 or the now rendition 2010, to give a correlation between the two I will offer, notwithstanding my memories, a couple of past happenings and situation passed on to me by my ancestors on my mom’s side of the family, all occupants of the Keys and Key West going back 150 or more quite a while back, some actually living there. To do this I will start with my earliest memories following WW II living first in Hamburg Germany, my dad was an official in the Air Power during the conflict and was at the time positioned there. Since he had not accepted his release my mom and I went along with him, I think, at some point in the year 1946.